Cupping Apparatus JK-6

Cupping Apparatus JK-6

Model No.︰JK-6


Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰2000 pc

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Product Description

Name: 1, Suction cupping 
2, Vacuum cupping 
3, Cupping therapy 
4, Chinese cupping set 
5, Health care magnetic needle 

A. common packing 6pots 
B. 6 pots, or 6 cups 
C. 50 sets/ CTN 
D. packing size: 62*56*48 cm 
E. without magnetism common cup 


1. Diagnosis: The property, location and relationship to internal organs of diseases will be concluded according to changes of skin in cupping site; 

2. Treatment: our cupping therapy is applying over ten methods such as maintained cupping, quick cupping, rotating cupping and movable cupping, etc. to treat some dozens of acute or chronic diseases taking acupuncture points of Hua Tuo Jiaji and Back-Shu as the basis; 

3.Keeping in health and sturdy state: regulate the qi and blood of the whole body; enhance the resistibility of human body; and prevent against diseases. 

Cupping methods 
1, Retention of the cups: after the cup is sucked on the skin the cup is kept in place about 10 minutes, children: about 3 minutes, girl: about 5minutes, woman:about 7minutes to induce stagnant state of the local skin, then the cup is removed. Cupping has a long time on a severe case, a focal depth and a severe pain, the flat skin where the muscle is thick, in winter. Cupping has a short time on focal furface, and a paralytic disease, in summer, the skin where the muscle is thin. This is the commonest method applicable for any ordinary diseases;2, Sliding cupping: it exerts two effects, i.e. cupping and Guasha (scraping).Before cupping, place proper amount of lubricant on the skin, suck the cup to the skin, pull the cup back and forth along the course of a meridian or along a selected line until bruise is formed, then remove the cup. This method is usually applied at a wide flat area where the muscle is thick. When sliding cupping is applied, pay attention to the negative pressure of the cupping which may be adjusted in accordance with the constitution of the patient as well as the individual endurance to pain;3, Flash cupping: suck the cup to the skin, immediately remove the cup off the skin, then suck the cup again; repeat the procedure until the treated skin becomes red. This method is often applied on uneven area where the sucked cup tends to fall off, or on facial area where ecchymosis is not desirable


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